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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

> Anthony Johnson <pc_1500@yahoo.com> writes:
> Anyone with half a brain can see what moronic thing the `Taiwan,
> Province of China' is.  It's the _only_ `editorial comment' in the
> entire list (all other comma-separated entries are simple prefixes which
> when used result in each country's full official name; the Taiwan entry
> doesn't really fit).
> Debian shouldn't _make_ editorial comments like this, but they shouldn't
> dumbly stand by and mirror those made by others with fewer scruples.

I wouldn't say Debian _made_ that editorial comment, they used it as it 
was proposed by some standard. If you don't like it, go against that one 
but not against Debian. 
I don't think it's a good idea to have everybody make a standard of its 
own, because then, there is no standard at all and anybody who wanted to, 
would be free to use even _really_ discriminating names.
Yes, people around the world may influence politics and they may change 
such naming issues, but I don't think they can do so by urging some 
developers to change it and thus not conform to the standard.

Finally, this is not a political list, this is not a political piece of
Debian has chosen some worldwide standard and now they should 
adhere to it.

Herewith I'll get out of this discussion again...

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