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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 07:28:49PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> same. If Debian has a Chinese language version for which the final arbiter
> of language usage is a Mainlander, the name in Debian should also be of 
> that person's choosing. If the final arbiter is a resident/citizen of 

Here's a wacky, and probably distasteful, but pragmatic suggestion:

Use whatever name Microsoft used for Taiwan in Windows Server 2003.  As 
a former employee I know Microsoft has an entire wing of the 
internalization superstructure devoted to hunting and killing 
politically sensitive terms, in PARTICULAR the Taiwan/China issue.  They 
have a tool called PoliticsCheck or something which scans code blocks 
looking for sensitive terms.

The reason I would suggesting just blindly imitating them is they have 
professionals who spent 40 hours a week all year long investigating 
this, and they are super DUPER scared of being sued, so you can bet they 
at least have an acceptable solution.

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