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Re: Backports into stable

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 04:18:07PM -0300, Leonardo Dias wrote:

> I am a user of apt-get.org to download backported packages into my woody.
> I'd like to suggest a default debian backports section so that desktop 
> users (such as me) can download backported packages into their distros.
> Since there already people working on that in apt-get.org, why not 
> oficialize these procedures into debian? Desktop users like me would 
> certainly love to get newer versions of software in debian packages into 
> their stable distros.
> People are out there working on it, there are lots of servers out there 
> putting these packages available to everyone. It would be great to see 
> it centralized in Debian.

Backports are only an ugly workaround if you really need new packages.

Unless there's a good reason, you should never leave stable to use 

If Debian would offer offer official backports for stable, this would 
give users the completely wrong impression backports were in any way
comparable to the packages in stable in terms of stability or 

> -ld



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