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bts2ldap-Gateway: debbugsDate match doesn't work

Hi folks!

Today i've played around with the bts2ldap gateway to generate a by date 
ordered bug-list for myself. But it seems that there's a bug in Andreas 
Barth's debian-bts.schema... every query to match a date fails. 

ldapsearch -h bugs.debian.org -p 10101 -x -b ... 'debbugsDate=1080887582'
(date of #241637. greaterOrEqual and lessOrEqual filters fails, too.)

This is the debian-bts.schema attribute definition for debbugsDate: 

attributetype (
NAME 'debbugsDate'
DESC 'submission date of the bug'
        EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch
        ORDERING generalizedTimeOrderingMatch

In RFC2252 is defined that the format of generalizedTime is 200401011032Z.
The current database contains debbugsDates in seconds since epoch. Maybe
the 200401011032Z format is more appropriate and the debbugsDates must  



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