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Summary: binary firmware in the kernel

Let me try to summarize the different opinions in this thread:

1. a 300 kB binary firmware is DFSG-free

2. binary firmware must go to non-free
this implies that the installer will no longer be able to install Debian 
on several computers

3. acknowledge that binary firmware is required, and make an
   exception for it

Please correct me if an important opinion is missing.

If there was a working Technical Committee in Debian (similar to the
gcc Steering Committee), they could decide on such an issue.

A GR is perhaps too big for this issue.

I asked the DPL (recorded in #240542) who would be responsible to decide
in such a situation, but I have yet to hear an answer.

The typical Debian solution would be to implement opinion 3 via
downgrading the bug or a "sarge-ignore" tag by the release manager or 
one of his assistants.



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