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Re: The new broken world of 2.6, ALSA, and hotplug.

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, David B Harris wrote:
> > It would be a shame if the sarge ALSA packages did not work with 2.6
> > kernels.
> It seems to me that the problem is with a specific combination of
> software - many people were using ALSA with 2.6 just fine. That isn't to
> say that there isn't a bug in ALSA, but such incediary comments are
> unwelcome.

The problem seems to be that the ALSA init.d script just bails out, if
the module it wants to load is already loaded. It should actually go on
and configure the rest of the system (like doing the  dev/snd symlink and
loading oss emulation). Then everything would be fine.

Actually I have been wondering for a long time why ALSA needs the /dev/snd
symlink. As these files are only accessed by ALSA itself, it should
actually know that they can be found in /proc/asound/dev.

I had the same problem when playing around with discover, I am trying to
come up with a patch against /etc/init.d/alsa and file a bug report.


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