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Re: The new broken world of 2.6, ALSA, and hotplug.

On Apr 01, David B Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net> wrote:

> udev and module-init-tools aren't particularily standard nor stable at
> the moment, either.
WTF? udev is a new thing, but m-i-t has been in the distribution for a
very long time and is definitely stable.
It would be a shame if the sarge ALSA packages did not work with 2.6

BTW, I finally fixed the mixer settings on my system with:

mkdir -p /etc/dev.d/snd/controlC0/
printf "#!/bin/sh -e\nexec /usr/sbin/alsactl restore 0\n" > \
chmod +x /etc/dev.d/snd/controlC0/alsa.dev

But this requires udev.

ciao, |
Marco | [5492 dizglwcxyXUvA]

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