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Re: When does a conflict become outdated?

On Thursday 01 April 2004 01.14, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> Am Mi, den 31.03.2004 schrieb Matt Zimmerman um 20:29:

[removing obsolete Conflicts]

> > It degrades the readability of the dependency relationships, and
> > distracts the maintainer from the important ones.

Agree. Even as a user, not a developer, I happen to look at the dependency 
information occasionally - and each element in the dependency information 
takes time to read.

> I do not remember offhand, but IIRC we _ensure_ upgrade paths only from
> one version to a subsequent one. So anything beyond this is a bonus for
> the maintainer to decide. I agree that removing cruft from the
> dependencies improves readability and should thus be considered by
> maintainers.

I think Debian should not consiously break upgrades over two major 
versions if it is so trivial to leave the support in.  Bu I think it's 
okay to break upgrades from slink now - the diff from slink to sarge is 
so big that it doesn't matter if some additional dependency information 
is not present anymore.

-- vbi

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