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Re: Release update

Good evening,

Sorry for the delay, had some work to do.

* Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> [040330 15:21]:

> Thanks for this information.

Your are welcome.

> ¿How about an 'lsof -ni' run in the system (as root)?

~# lsof -ni
portmap    633      daemon    3u  IPv4   1974       UDP *:sunrpc 
portmap    633      daemon    4u  IPv4   1975       TCP *:sunrpc (LISTEN)
exim4     1051 Debian-exim    0u  IPv4   2428       TCP (LISTEN)
famd      1056        root    3u  IPv4   2453       TCP (LISTEN)
inetd     1061        root    4u  IPv4   2465       TCP *:discard (LISTEN)
inetd     1061        root    5u  IPv4   2466       UDP *:discard 
inetd     1061        root    6u  IPv4   2467       TCP *:daytime (LISTEN)
inetd     1061        root    7u  IPv4   2468       TCP *:time (LISTEN)
inetd     1061        root    8u  IPv4   2469       TCP *:auth (LISTEN)
lpd       1065        root    6u  IPv4   2495       TCP *:printer (LISTEN)
sshd      1073        root    3u  IPv4   2502       TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)
rpc.statd 1079        root    4u  IPv4   2535       UDP *:834 
rpc.statd 1079        root    5u  IPv4   2519       UDP *:831 
rpc.statd 1079        root    6u  IPv4   2547       TCP *:837 (LISTEN)
ntpd      1082        root    4u  IPv4   2542       UDP *:ntp 
ntpd      1082        root    5u  IPv4   2543       UDP 
ntpd      1082        root    6u  IPv4   2544       UDP 
xfce4-ses 1122        alex    4u  IPv4   2650       TCP *:32768 (LISTEN)
sshd      1213        root    4u  IPv4   3431       TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

Oh, after the installation I did two things: I installed ntp,
ntp-simple, ntpdate and sids xfce4.

> > 22/tcp  open  ssh      OpenSSH 3.8p1 (protocol 2.0)
> Ssh is 'standard' priority. It is good to have it installed when a 
> user only want's a Desktop? Risk could be mitigated if access to it 
> was correctly restricted through tcp-wrappers.

Allthough I would would install both packages on all my systems, I think
that from the (desktop) users point of view, it would be easier to have
the package splited in -server and -client.

Yours sincerely,

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