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Re: Improvements to Debian


Great visions. I really think that is the way to go for debian. You

Am Mi, den 31.03.2004 schrieb Pascal Hakim um 16:22:
>    Simple changes like renaming the old ``unstable'' distribution is
> not enough however, and we must be willing to do more. My next step is
> to propose that we merge together the Debian Mirrors Team, and the
> FTP-master team, and have them known simply as ``couriers''. Any
> Debian Developer with a ``phat pipe'', would be allowed to join such a
> team, provided their nickname sounded futuristic enough.

Speaking of FTP: Don't forget that usage of ftp has to be restricted to
cool people, people that code for us and especially our ascii-artists.
All others will just download leaked debian packages using advanced
distribution mechanism as dpkg-in-mp3 on napster or gnutella.

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