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raff, db, bugs downtime etc.

[ This isn't appropriate for debian-devel (or debian-devel-announce), I
  know - hopefully there'll be somewhere more appropriate at some
  point that's actually read by more people than the closest thing
  (-project). ]


(1) raff was shutdown last Friday evening by mistake (due to a
    miscommunication between me and the local admin) - unfortunately
    due to a hardware fault, raff is not coming back.

    As it happened this coincided horribly well with some downtime I
    was having due to a disk failure on my home machine, so I didn't
    get the mail from the local admin about it until Monday.

    Anyway, raff is: archive.debian.org, half of ftp.debian.org, part
    of {http,ftp}.us.debian.org and DNS master.  These services are
    being migrated as fast as possible to other hosts... which brings
    us to point #2.

(2) I had to bring newsamosa (db.debian.org) down for an hour or so
    earlier in order to repartition it to make room for some of the
    new services.  [It wasn't done before it went live because the
    migration of db.d.o to newsamosa was done ahead of schedule as
    part of the recovery process.]  Sorry for the lack of notice.

(3) FYI (and entirely unrelated): spohr (bugs.debian.org) is going
    down for a couple of hours at ~8AM GMT today (2004-03-24) as part
    of some hardware maintenance the OSUOSL folks are doing.


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