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Re: Bug#239092: ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locale-uk -- Mozilla Thunderbird Ukrainian Language/Region Package

* Eugeniy Meshcheryakov (eugen@univ.kiev.ua) [040322 15:40]:
> Andreas Barth wrote:
> >Well, I connect "uk" to the united kingdom. What speaks against using
> >-locale-ua, as ua _is_ the iso 3166-code for the country? And, looking
> >at *-fr: fr is also the ISO-code for the country.

> Packages that have iso 639 code which is not iso 3166 code:
> [..]
> These are all *language* codes, not *country* codes.

Yes, I can see the difference right now. However, I consider that some
of our users will fall in the same trap as I.

Well, the problem is IMHO at allocating the names, and I don't really
like that.

Thank you all for your explanations.

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