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Re: RFC: kernel packages cleanup


Adrian Bunk schrieb am Freitag, 19. März 2004 um 21:35:36 +0100:
> below is a proposal for some cleanup of the kernel packages in unstable:
> 1. remove kernel 2.2 sources/images/patches
> The last stable releases of Debian always supported two major kernel
> releases, and supporting 2.4 and 2.6 seems to be sufficient for
> Debian 3.1.
> Is there any architecture that _really_ requires kernel 2.2 today?

Apart from from m68k which needs this kernel AFAIK, I know some people
who consider 2.4 not as stable as needed to be used for a
I never understood why kernel developpers and the kernel maintainer
decided to use a 'released-as-stable' Kernel as testing area for new
drivers, especially for a major one like the IDE-Subsystem. Reading the
word 'alpha' next to the revision number of a major driver is horror.
(Btw: I'm _not_ talking about the _Debian_ Kernel Maintainer)

And 2.6 has to settle down before using it for security systems

Kind regards,
Jörg Friedrich

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