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Re: hotplug and ifup

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 02:08:17AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> or has always been there. Which means that whenever you do:
> 	# modprobe netdriver
> the kernel will helpfully run `ifup ethX' for you behind the scenes.
> This is annoying in and of itself -- you might not want this to
> come up at all, you might just want to do some anonymous snooping or
> something (see Bug#172671, eg) and if you're modprobe is a pre-up in
> your /etc/network/interfaces you've got an irritating race condition
> (which shouldn't cause problems now ifupdown does locking, but is still
> obnoxious).

hotplug should invoke ifup with a flag that acts like "ifup -a" but with one
interface; i.e., it only comes up if 'auto' is specified in the
configuration file.

> what should happen, and how should it happen? Should:
> 	* it behave as if the driver was compiled in directly (not as a
> 	  module) -- ie, hotplug not called at all; it only gets enabled
> 	  automatically if /etc/network/interfaces has an "auto" line
> 	  for it ?

I believe this corresponds to this option.

 - mdz

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