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Re: ppp bug and maintainer's negative attitude

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 01:53, Andrea Borgia <borgia@cs.unibo.it> wrote:
> -cut-
> This happened to only one user. I consider this problem minor and have
> no plan to backport ppp.
> -cut-

You realise of course that ppp changed significantly between 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 
and the code is not particularly easy to manage.  Back-porting a patch is not 
necessarily an easy task.

> Again acting on advice from my DD friends, I am posting here asking for
> help: what else can it be done to solve this issue? Rebuilding the ppp
> package from unstable on stable isn't feasible because of complex
> dependecies and, again, the whole point of using stable is not having to
> care about such things (to a certain extent, granted).

If you remove the pppoatm patches then you can remove the dependency on 
libatm1-dev.  The PAM and libpcap libraries haven't changed significantly in 
any way that affects building PPP AFAIK.  Removing ATM support (which was 
never in woody anyway) should make it build on woody without excessive 

Also Brian May has compiled the new PAM on woody, just in case that is 
necessary for compiling the new pppd.

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