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Bug#238286: ITP: Kazehakase (retitled from RFP)

retitle 238286 ITP: Kazehakase -- Gecko, dillo and w3m based web browser using GTK

* Package name    : kazehakase
  Version         : 0.1.3
  Upstream Author : Hiroyuki Ikezoe <ikezoe@users.sourceforge.jp>
* URL             : http://kazehakase.sourceforge.jp/
* License         : GPL
  Description     : Gecko, dillo and w3m based web browser using GTK
  Kazehakase is a web browser, using Gecko, dillo, w3m as HTML rendering 

  Currently kazehakase only supports Gecko Engine.  Dillo will be supported 
  when dillo embed comes available (maybe version 0.7.0)

  Kazehakase has toolbar with rss/rdf menus, rss/rdf viewer, normal bookmarks,
  search window for google.  These are to be available as plugins.

I'm current maintainer of the unofficial package of kazehakase, and
apt-line is as follows;

  deb http://dl.gna.org/kazehakase debian/
  deb-src http://dl.gna.org/kazehakase debian/

I'm not yet the official member of Debian(now under NM process), and I
need a sponsor.

 Hidetaka Iwai

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