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Re: Bug#238460: general: apt-get source: certain files in some packages are owned by a different UID

retitle 238460 [DPKG-SOURCE] dpkg-source -x should make sure files get owned by $USER
reassign 238460 dpkg-dev
severity 238460 normal
merge 238460 144571

Scripsit Colin Watson
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 05:35:27PM +0000, Henning Makholm wrote:

> > A more portable "fix" would require dpkg-source to check whether it is
> > root, and, if so, fork "su nobody tar -xkf -" instead of just "tar
> > -xkf -".

> No files should ever be owned by nobody, so this would be bad.

True. Braino on my part, ignore.

> > Do we close this bug report or reassign it (as wishlist, probably) to
> > dpkg?

> It seems like a reasonable wishlist for dpkg.

In fact it turns out that there is already a report on this issue.
Reassigning to dpkg-dev and merging. Not lowering severity to
wishlist, on the theory that dpkg maintainers would have done that
for #144571 if they didn't think it is a bug.

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