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Bug#238193: use debconf to manage permissions of ls-r not high-priority question

package: tetex-bin
severity: important

Pretend that I'm a new user of TeX.  I install TeX as a build
dependency of some package I want to build.  (The second part is true;
I'm actually fairly familiar with Tex, but not everyone in the world

I'm prompted with the following:

Configuring tetex-bin

The metafont program can store fonts generated by users running xdvi, dvips,
etc. so they need not be re-generated repeatedly.  They are stored in
/var/lib/texmf and /var/cache/fonts, with "ls-R" file lists showing where the
font files are stored.

Accepting this option will allow you to easily manage the permissions of those
ls-R files using debconf.

:-! Use debconf to manage permissions of ls-R files? 

That's completely unacceptable to present as a high priority question
to a new user.  IT has an obvious default (yes) and tetex-bin is a
dependency of enough stuff that it should not ask questions during a
normal install.


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