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Re: Policy on Account creation and deletion?

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:14:12 -0300, Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com>
>I was thinking in something just like that while I was reading this
>thread. Actually I started thinking this could be a new feature of the
>debian package, in this way, dpkg would check if the user exists, and
>create it or not.

If you take a look at dpkg's bug list, you can easily see why
everybody works hard to avoid suggesting things that are solved by
changes to dpkg.

Anyway, there are not so many packages that create their own accounts.

>But I think a debhelper script would be much nicer, but there are other
>problem... what if I do need that user to exists during the postinst?

I can't follow you here. Are you concerned about the order of
debhelper-generated code in the maintainer script?

>makes me think that having a debian-specific system users manager would
>be nicer.
>This "System users manager" could map which packages creates each users
>and maybe even not allow a package delete a user created by another

That sounds like overengineering to me.


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