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Debian-Packages - announcement and questions


during the last few months I have created some debian-packages.

1. xfree86 (4.3.99pre10) - powerpc-only
2. xfce4 ( - i386 and powerpc
3. kde3.2 (3.2.0) - powerpc and i386
        Thanks to Jamie Robles for his work on the powerpc-packages

All packages are designed to run on Debian sarge (xfree also runs on sid).

XFree86 was needed for running on my PowerBook 17" rev1 
(NVidia GeForce 440GO64M).
XFCe4 seems not to be available neither in sarge nor in sid.
KDE3.2 was packaged by Jamie Robles for PowerPC. I used his diffs to
compile the packages for i386 architecture.

All packages can be found at www.debian-desktop.org.
I also gave an example for including the packages in sources.list

Now I have one question:

I separated the packages in binary-all, binary-i386 and binary-powerpc
trees. The selection of architecture works fine, but the binary-all
packages will never show up in the selection.

The same happens with the source directory.

Do I miss something?



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