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Re: Help us make the Debian CDs even better

El dom, 14-03-2004 a las 17:59, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
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> These days, the next stable release of debian is being packaged.  It
> will as usual also be released on CDs, and the current CD count is 13
> binary CDs filled with approximately 13500 packages.  And to
> distribute these packages on the 13 CDs, we need to come up with some
> sorting order.  At the moment, some of the packages on the first and
> second CD is selected based on various criteria, while the rest are
> sorted based on their usage as reported by popularity-contest.

What happens with DVD version? Will we have DVD images?

Some time ago I tried to generate Woody DVD images but I was not able to
build the images. Will be there any HOWTO or something like that?



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