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Re: Bug#237925: ITP: cdemu -- CD drive emulator for Linux

#include <hallo.h>
* Martin Pitt [Sun, Mar 14 2004, 01:44:50PM]:

> > contains a CD. It uses simple cue/bin files as input for the data that
> > should appear on the virutal disc. It includes a user space program
> > which controls the kernel module. This is primarily useful for watching
> > an SVCD or mounting the data track of a bin/cue CD image without burning
> > the data to a real CD.
> I always performed these tasks using a loopback device:
> 	mount -o loop /path/to/cdimage /cdrom
> Does CDemu offer any additional functionality over loopback devices?

Yes, it is listed in the text above (cue/bin with various track types,
including SVCD). loopback device works only with ISO data images.

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