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Re: Debian power management infrastructure

Jerry Haltom wrote:
> I would propose that perhaps the /etc/apm directory be changed to
> /etc/power, a location that makes sense for both apm and pmu, and other
> power related systems to get their scripts from.
> Of course pmu could just run stuff in /etc/apm, but is that Right?

apmd Depends on powermgmt-base.  I suppose powermgmt-base could include
a /etc/powermgmt/ directory analogous to /etc/apm/.  Scripts would be
installed in /etc/powermgmt/script.d/ and would be written to a spec
that would allow them to work properly with apmd, acpid, pmu or whatever
else happens to be in use.

If we did this then it would be the right time to introduce a better
system of script execution than we have at present.  Currently apmd
uses symlink farms in /etc/apm/suspend.d/, /etc/apm/resume.d/ and
/etc/apm/other.d/.  This works but it is hard to manage.  I would
like to see this replaced with a system wherein Makefile-style
dependency declarations governed the execution of a set of scripts.
The result is a partially ordered execution sequence.  What is needed
for this is a partially ordering run-parts program.  I have come up
with a couple prototypes of such a program but they need more work.

However, before we go down this road I'd like to know whether or not
power management events will be handled via the hotplug mechanism.
Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk>

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