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Re: run debian off usb flash drive

> > I use my laptop for doing all work.  I think that flash storage is
> > almost suitable for use in my laptop provided that I got enough of
> > it.  It would cost more than hard disks, but would produce less
> > noise and heat, and should be more reliable overall provided that
> > the wear was distributed enough.

Hey, yo, big guys!
 i'd never ask here, but while you're talking about it, please:

I'm in a somewhat urgent need to have

 - something *smaller* and taking less power than a 3,5" drive
 - with SCSI interface!

_Anybody_ knows _anything_?

(Admittedly i will not store debian on it, just some samples - 
it's gotta fit in the case of EPS16+ :)

Thanks for your answer in advance,
 have a nice day,


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