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Re: Disallowing explicit delays in the stop target of init.d scripts?

* Miquel van Smoorenburg (miquels@cistron.nl) [040305 12:25]:
> One of the other reasons to use a UPS is *because* the system then
> has the time to shutdown data critical processes properly. If your
> UPS only gives you 5 seconds notice instead of a few minutes, it's
> a toy.

One could of course discuss how long a scripts should be allowed to
maximum delay the shut down. In that discussed case, it's at maximum
60 seconds now if a fax is just being send, but one could ask for
longer to be able to finish more than half a page. (And, it wouldn't
be any problem for _that_ case here if the daemon would just be killed
with -INT if he takes too long in opinion of the shutdown-script, as
this would mean: shutdown NOW, and abort any faxing just in operation.)

So, some maximum time (or even a "force-stop"-target, or a
"background-stop"-target) should be discussed, because all arguments
are true in their specific setup.

> Why make it more complicated, the current system works as it is intended.
> Yes, for example inn takes a long time to terminate. If you don't
> like that, do not run inn. If you do need to run inn, well it needs
> time to terminate or it might corrupt its database and not run at
> all anymore after boot.

In the case of inn, it's very clear that it _needs_ the whole time. In
the case of mgetty-fax, it's just a question whether fast shutdown is
more important than to avoid to send out a fax twice (and waste money
with that).

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