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Re: licensing confusion

> OK, the thing at stake is the use of OpenSSL or Cryptlib[1] in the
> Caudium[2] project. Looking at [2], I see clauses which make cryptlib not
> compatible with clauses #5 and #6 of the DFSG. The license is a BSD one,
> that's clear, but the terms of use and usage conditions seem to restrict the
> use to non-commercial or low-cost projects. That's, IMHO, against the
> abovementioned clauses. Am I right in assuming that? Oh, and we cannot
> relicense the Caudium code, as we aren't the original copyright holders of
> the entire code. Also, I would like to know whether it's ok for me to issue
> an ITP for Cryptlib.
I forgot the links:

[1] http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/cryptlib/download.html
[2] http://caudium.net/



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