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request for help and question about donation

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I want to make mozilla-* (firefox, thunderbird) Debian packages print
Russian text out of the box. It can be possible even without hacking
the source code, just by proper configuration, not sure.
However, I failed to do it myself easely. Some hacks which I found did
not satisfy me. I wanted to find someone who is able to do this.

I know for sure there are lots of people who need such a feature, but
each of them can not spent a lot of resources. My idea is to gather
money from those who are interested and propose an award to the
developer which will agree to do this job.

First I wanted just to go to rentacoder[1], but I need to formulate the
task in the way the result will be accepted by Debian. Also I think it
is better to ask Debian Developers about their opinion first. Another
problem (hopefuly I will find a solution) is how to  securely gather
money from people which want to contribute. One more problem is that I
am not sure, if the problem is in Mozilla package.

What will be your suggestions?

1. http://www.rentacoder.com

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Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov
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