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Re: Debian Healt Status Perl Script

Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> Hmm, after only looking short to the output I think there is one big
> factor missing from the calculation: time. Take for example my package
> eject. It was uploaded yesterday and not all autobuilders have built it
> yet... so what? There is nothing wrong with it, its just the way things
> go.

I agree. I've modified it to only list packages with actual problems.

> Also I don't understand why you take the popcon output that important.

It's an attempt to weigh in the user impact of a problem with a specific package. A package used by thousands could be considered more urgent to fix than a package used by a handful. It's crude, but the best suggestion I've heard so far.

The list was never really intended to be a "healt status" page, though. It's just a bit of fun statistics I made since I already have the data parsed and available. If it can be made useful, that's a bonus.

As always, I'm open for suggestions.


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