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Notice of intent to hijack epydoc

Moshe - 

This is public notice of my intent to hijack your epydoc package.  I use
this package, and I feel it deserves a "real" maintainer for the sarge

In the last six months, you have not responded to any of the fixed NMUs
related to the epydoc package, nor any of the NMUs for your other
packages, as far as I can tell.   In fact, I don't think you've
responded to any Debian bug reports at all.

My repeated attempts to contact you via email have failed, and the few
times I have tried to find you on IRC, that has not worked, either.
(For the record: I do not feel that I should have to fall back on IRC to
contact a Debian maintainer about his or her packages.)

If you do not contact me within the next few weeks and also acknowledge
the NMUs related to epydoc, I will upload a new version of epydoc
listing me as the maintainer.  Alternately, I would be willing to be a
co-maintainer with you if you really do have interest in this package.

I apologize if this sounds rude, but honestly - after six months of no
responses, I have no patience left.


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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