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Re: Mozilla Firefox's icon and trademark

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org> writes:

    Eric> So, how should I approach the Firefox developers (or branding
    Eric> team)?  or should I merely rename the browser in Debian to
    Eric> something like Icerabbit (you get the idea) to skirt these thorny
    Eric> legal issues. It seems OpenOffice.org has similar restrictions on
    Eric> their logo (http://www.openoffice.org/about_us/summary.html), how
    Eric> were they handled?

It seems that there are many projects which will allow changes made to the
software only if you change their name as well.  E.g., many files of LaTeX
carries a restriction that you can change the files as long as you also
change the name of the file.  If the motivation is not to restrict
distribution, and instead just to make sure people know who to blame bugs
on, then usually changing name to something like Debian-firefox, and
changing logo to include a Debian spiral super-imposed, will work.  And I
don't think that will violate DFSG 8: the code can be distributed, the fact
that you can't use the original name is just a small technicality.  Perhaps
you really need to talk to the Mozilla team to know what they really want?


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