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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

* Adam Heath 

| I would consider any such meeting a waste of funds, and waste of
| time.  Such meetings can't be archived for those not in attendance,
| unlike irc and mailing lists.

Sometimes high-bandwidth meetings are needed.  The meeting in Malaga
was most productive and (at least for me) certainly not a waste of
time.  I would claim that shipping me there was not a waste of Debian
funds either.

The discussions I've tried to have with you on IRC on what would be a
good way to handle multi-arch and such has so far been fairly
resultless, and I am confident that if we had actually met face to
face, we would have been able to work something out in a couple of

As for the archiving; that's why there was written a summary after the
meeting, to be posted to mailing lists.

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