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Cover texts, GFDL, and Debian logos

How is the Debian logo so different from "front cover texts"?

Why is documentation not different from software?

What about philosophical documentation?

What about our social contract, our developer guidelines, etc?
 - Are they free software?
 - Are they free documentation?
 - Are they free for others to modify and distribute?
 - And are they distributed in Debian "main"?

Must all documentation be considered software?

Must all documentation be DFSG-free?

What about licenses as documentation of themselves?

Currently we have the Debian Social Contract as the high strata of
principle upon which Debian is built.

There is apparent disagreement about interpreting that social contract.
Some people came into Debian and interpreted it in a particular way.

Is it worthwhile to lay some principles on the line - putting them into
documentation ("Free"? :), like a bill of rights or something?

 - software and documentation are different
 - people should have the freedoms (modify, distr., etc) with software

Should all documentation be modifiable?

If there is some for which we can answer "not", is there some example of
such non-modifiable (yet distributable) documentation, that it makes
moral sense to distribute?

How do the US bill of rights and constitution compare in this regard
(I'm an Australian so I don't know sorry)?


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