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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Jarno Elonen wrote:

> > You may have perfectly valid reasons for not being able to work on dpkg
> > at the moment, I'm not contesting that.  However these reasons should
> > not stop *anyone else* working on dpkg.
> Indeed. There are actually 49 entries with "Tags: patch" on them, including
> one of my own.
> If the current dpkg cabal doesn't have enough resources to process even
> patched issues, perhaps it ought to take in some new members?
> (Not that I'm claiming to be qualified, though.)

Well, that's not going to be you.

You did *not* follow procedure.

If you want to help, start pseudo-tagging the bugs.  If you don't know what I
mean, you'e even less qualified to work on dpkg.

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