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Re: Anyone who can reproduce bug #234270?

> Is there anyone on the list who has/had problems with the acpid
> postinst/config scripts? I can't reproduce the bug on my systems
> and I don't see where/why it happens for the user who reported
> the bug...

(I'm the user who reported the bug, although it seems to have happened
to at least one other person from looking at the BTS).

It happens on line 4 of acpid.postinst, where it tries to source
/usr/share/debconf/confmodule.  See:


I've tried purging and reinstalling it several times, keeps coming
back.  Looks to me like the debconf frontend is failing, although I
don't know why that would happen, since debconf works fine with all
the other packages on my system.

I've copied Joey Hess on this message in case he can shed some light
on the debconf funkiness.


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