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Re: Bug#235271: ITP: awesfx -- SoundFont utilities for SB AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 drivers

I demand that Ove Kaaven may or may not have written...

[snip; awesfx]
> Now I've seen #199241, and found that the reason for having the package
> previously removed from Debian won't apply anymore:

> - I do have a emu10k1 synth, so I can maintain this
> - upstream *is* working on awesfx, proven by the 0.5.0 release in 2004.

> I'll try to locate the previous debian packaging before packaging this
> new upstream release.

I have a copy of it in my archive (see .sig for location and apt-get
details). There's also an already-packaged 0.5.0 at
<URL:http://anarxia.dyndns.org:2180/debian/>; this may be of some use.

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