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Re: Mozilla Firefox's icon and trademark

On Saturday 28 February 2004 00.25, Eric Dorland wrote:
> Hello all,
> I received a rather disturbing email from Andre Dahlqvist (quoted
> below with URLs) today that I'm having trouble with, and I'd like
> opinions and advice on how to proceed. debian-legal might be a better
> forum for this, but I think it has some deep ramifications for not
> just firefox.

If it is really a problem to distribute builds of the freely available source 
code of Mozilla, then Mozilla just is not real opensource. So, plan of action 
would be:

Drop mozilla from Debian.

Make a press release 'Debian is sorry to have to announce that the Mozilla 
suite of programs can't be released with the Debian GNU/Linux software 
distribution because blah blah balh'.

Stand back and watch.

Enough people like and use Mozilla that I think it would get wide attention.

Enough people like and use Debian anough that they won't switch away from 

(Of course, just IMHO. IANADD and IANA Mozilla User)

-- vbi

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