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Re: Bug#235118: ITP: hashtbl-ext -- Camlp4 Hashtbl syntax extension

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 08:40:50AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
>   Upstream Author : Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@cs.unibo.it>
>  Camlp4 syntax extension to get more {easy,perlish} usage of Hashtbl
>  module hash tables. 

Erm, since I'm upstream author of this I would rather prefer to package
it by myself :-) I've never did it since I've no idea of how many people
use this package.

Moreover is really a tiny package (just one camlp4 .ml), do you think
it's worth the effort to package it as a standalone package? Wouldn't it
be better to add is as a debian add-on to the ocaml package or to the
ocaml-tools package? I've no strong preference here ....

Finally please not that this package is almost an hack and there is at
least one bug I'm aware of, there is a syntax clash with functions
applied to records with functional modification, like in the following

  type foo_record = { a: int }

  let foo _ = () in
  let r1 = { a = 10 } in
  foo { r1 with a = 5 }

The above code, perfectly valid with the usual ocaml syntax, wont work
with hashtbl_ext syntax extension and should be rewritten as

  foo ({ r1 with a = 5})


Stefano Zacchiroli -*- Computer Science PhD student @ Uny Bologna, Italy
zack@{cs.unibo.it,debian.org,bononia.it} -%- http://www.bononia.it/zack/
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