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Re: start-stop-daemon

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 04:37:13AM +0100, GCS wrote:
>  I would like to use start-stop-daemon for a daemon, which has a control
> program. On stop, I have to call it with the argument stop. It's ok if I
> do it alone, but I must be sure it's really stopped. For this I would

You could try running the control program a few times, checking between each
invokation to see if the daemon is really dead.  After a while, you can then
use start-stop-daemon to kill it manually.

> like to use start-stop-daemon --stop with --retry, but on --stop, it's
> also sends a signal, which kills the process without let it any chance
> to clean up even in normal cases. How can I achieve this with
> start-stop-daeamon or is it impossible?

Sounds like dodgy signal handling by your daemon.  ssd by default sends
SIGTERM, which should be handled cleanly.  If you want to change signals,
use the --signal option to ssd.

- Matt

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