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Re: RFS: BinClock - binary clock

On Monday 23 February 2004 17:20, Nico Golde wrote:
> i only want a sponsor for binclock...

One can think of circumstances where this could be a problem.

[Nico is very enthusiastic about becoming a Debian Developer, we 
exchanged some mail since his RFS on debian-mentors.]

Personally, i don't make much use of binary clocks in particular, though 
it might be useful eduware after humanoids become second class.

Anybody wants a console version of a binary clock in debian?

If anybody answers "Yes", Nico, i demand your program to work for 
lineprinters, as it does already, but to also have terminal output too 
(only one instance of the time display on the screen at any one time).
See terminfo, curses, ggi.

For more than 42 'yes's i promise an asm version.

Is this serious? If it's to you, it's to me, have a nice day anyway, 

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