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Re: [Ndiswrapper-general] Debian packages

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004 23:55:48 +0100, Erik Rigtorp <erkki@linux.nu> said:

  Erik> I have created debian packages for ndiswrapper. Currently they
  Erik> are very basic, just installs the userspace tools and installs
  Erik> the module source too /usr/src/modules/ndiswrapper for use
  Erik> with make-kpkg.

Good news. I was in the process of doing it myself!

  Erik> installs it to /lib/ndis/. Idealy there should be one such
  Erik> driver package for each adapter that ndiswrapper
  Erik> supports. This scheme could also be implemented as scripts in
  Erik> the ndiswrapper distribution.

This probably can be done without any distribution specifics. It would
be good if it actually contacts ndiswrapper project page (probably
'supported chipsets' page) and gets the link for the driver from which
it downloads the driver. That way, if the link changes, the scripts
themselves don't need to be changed, but the link on 'supported
chipsets', which anyway has to be changed.


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