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Re: i2c and lm-sensors mess

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 06:17:12PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> OK, so this is my proposal.  :-)
> 1.  Fix the userland utilities in lm-sensors 2.8.3+ so that they work with the 
> kernel modules from lm-sensors 2.7.0 *and/or* the ones in kernel 2.6.
> I'm not sure whether any work actually needs to be done for this (it may work 
> already) -- hopefully someone can find out.  (Unfortunately, I can't test 
> this because I have no supported hardware sensors in my machine.)  If work 
> does need to be done, it should be reasonably straightforward. This way 
> libsensors2 can deal with both 'varieties' of kernel modules.

Looking rapidly through the code, userspace utilities (including
libsensors) are only an interface to /proc/sys/dev/sensors/ or the
corresponding sysfs directory. However this has to be verified more
seriously. That would mean that nothing has to be done for point 1.

> 2. Package the userland utilities, including libsensors2, from lm-sensors 
> 2.8.3+.  Then we have working kernel 2.6 support (and no depending packages 
> need to be recompiled).
Since version 2.8.2, the ABI has changed again, so the new name would be
libsensors3. And it means that the packages have to be rebuilt.

> 3. Package i2c 2.7.0 and the kernel modules from lm-sensors 2.7.0, with an 
> epoch, and put those in unstable.  Then we have working kernel 2.2 and 2.4 
> support.
Without forgetting to add some conflicts.

> This does require a source package split for lm-sensors, of course.

I do have some i2c/lmsensors hardware. I could make the tests, however I 
don't know if I'll have the time during the week. I think I could surely
make the tests before the end of next week-end. Maybe before.

If everything could work as planned, it will be great.


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