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Re: i2c and lm-sensors mess

>So, here is what I propose to fix the problems:
>1) Upload back version 2.7.0 of i2c and lm-sensors increasing the epoch.
The current lm-sensors in sarge is version 2.6.5, as you noticed above.

We want to keep the 'libsensors2' userland interface if possible, for 
forward-compatibility.  The previous "libsensors1-debian1" thing was just 

I never was quite clear on what the userland interface change was, but I think 
version 2.7.0 provides the correct userland interface for libsensors2, and we 
just have to make it ship it under that soname.

>2) Rebuild all packages depending on libsensors2. The list of package to
>   be rebuilt is not very long:
>   - xsensors
>   - wmsensors
>   - wmgtemp
>   - sensord
>   - mrtgutils
>   - ksensors
>   - hardware-monitor
>   - kdebase ??? (lm-sensors support was disabled in the latest version)
Hopefully this will not be necessary.

>At this point, we will support back 2.2 and 2.4 kernels, but not 2.6
>kernels. However 2.6 kernels are not supported by version 2.8.1 of
>lm-sensors which is currently in Sid.
>3) Backport support for 2.6 kernels from version 2.8.3 to 2.7.0. This
An excellent idea.
>   support consists mainly of sysfs support, I think they was also minor
>   changes in parsing file /etc/sensors.conf.
It won't be that easy, though.  The interface exposed by the kernel modules 
for 2.6 is approximately the same as the interface exposed by the 
i2c/lm-sensors 2.8.3 kernel modules, but different from the one exposed by 
the i2c/lm-sensors 2.7.0 kernel modules, so the lm-sensors 2.7.0 userland 
library probably can't interact with the 2.6 kernel modules.

>Please make comments on this proposal. If need, I could give some help
>to implement it.

Note that there are two different ABI changes: the library interface change 
and the kernel interface change.  :-/

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