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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> wrote:

> The parent post is a perfect example of argumentum ad hominem (which
> we don't actually see all that often these days; most people have the
> decency to keep their arguments independent).

The parent post illustrates your way of arguing from my point of view,
and also provided a bit of enterainment to some readers if I am to
believe private replies.

> It's a variation on "You insulted me therefore you must be wrong",
> which is amusing but bullshit.

I'm getting very childish in doing so, but you're forcing me, really:
*you* began the ad hominem attacks when you accused Mathias to be on

But I will stop arguing with you since it is obvious that you are not
looking for the truth. Enough wasted time. I will still read your
messages at least for a while though, because they can be very


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