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Re: Understanding exceptions

Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> wrote:

> Given that both ways work about as well (and that was more or less
> what I had in mind), it quite effectively disproves your claim that
> this problem could not have been solved as neatly without exceptions.

Given the appalling statement you gave us in
I've lost any hope that you might be able to understand that the
handling of the various message types in my example could be slightly
different, so that Tilo's:

  appli.update(dict(zip(msg["fieldnames"], fieldvalues)))

could not apply to all of them anymore in such a generic way. And I
won't bother giving you an example. I'm fed up wasting my time with
someone whose only concern is to try to make the others believe he's
"right" even when he's been so deeply burried in ridiculous statements
for several messages already.


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