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Re: libc doc vs manpages disagreement

Marek Habersack wrote:
> Hey,
>   I've just noticed that the two sources disagree on the units used for the
> RLIMIT_RSS resource. libc docs claim that all the memory limits are
> expressed in bytes while setrlimit(2) claims RLIMIT_RSS size is in pages
> (which bash's ulimit seems to agree with).
> The kernel seems to agree with the libc docs. So, should I file a bug
> against the manpages or the libc docs?

Manual pages from the man-pages project/package document the standard,
not primarily its implementation from random entities, even if the
entity in question may be the Free Software Foundation.

However, if you can prove, by quoting the source, that libc behaves
different than what is written in our manpages, I'm willing to add
a note and pass it upstream, who may reject it, though.



Reading is a lost art nowadays.  -- Michael Weber

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