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Re: just wondering...

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 10:05:57PM -0800, Edward S. Peschko wrote:
> Example: perl generates
> perl-doc
> perl-suid
> libcgi-fast-perl
> perl-debug
> libperl5.6
> libperl-dev
> perl-modules
> perl-base
> and perl.
> I sincerely doubt that any of these 'subpackages' could function separately 
> from each other.

Well, then perhaps you should have a closer look.

You can install perl-base, and not anything else if you want. Perl-doc
is just that: documentation. It doesn't require any of the other
packages (although it might be less useful, but that's a different
matter). Others are not a necessity either; you install them if you have
a specific need, and don't bother trying to use them in other cases.

What makes you think you'd have to install all of them to make them


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