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Re: serious problems with Mr. Troup

David B Harris said:

>> > Complaints are completely off topic for announcement lists. WTF were you
>> > thinking?
>> Whew.  Thank God we don't have to address the actual contents of Ingo's
>> mail!
> You mean the contents of "I asked James for access, but he wanted me to
> abide by the [currently reasonable] security policy, and I don't want
> to, and James won't let me have access without it, so James is evil"?
> Feel free to "address" them.

I didn't criticized the security policy itself. That was more than overdue.
Again, Mr. Troup rejected my security concerns about having the passwords in
cleartext on buildd.d.o in failed build logs.
So far to security.

> In a private followup, Ingo suggested that a big concern was James' lack
> of communication on the matter, but the quoted "Ingo, I said
> non-negotiable and I meant it.  Either you agree to this, or you don't
> get any sort of access to ftp-master, period." is pretty clear.
> Feel free to "address" that as well.

It's not about agreeing to that specific policy, but about how that got
communicated and how future cooperation with Mr. Troup should look like. When
he is not willing to cooperate with others (i.e. me, having me in ignore and
mailfilters), then I feel that it's not worth to agree to that policy because
the next problem will come sooner or later.
There's a problem (with Mr. Troup) and it needs to get addressed properly.

Ciao...       //  "Such giants are these! Great shoulders bear
      Ingo  \X/    so many.  I stand among them." (D. Haynie)

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