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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

AJ Towns wrote:
> The problem that does exist is that people feel it's appropriate to make
> attacks like Nathanael did through this mailing list.
And why, precisely, is this a problem?  If I'd been wrong about the existence 
of the problem, there would not be a dozen people popping up to corroborate 
my complaint.  In actual fact, I was right.  I make an effort to avoid 
arguing without strong evidence, even if I don't always present all the 
evidence in my first post.  Unlike you, sad to say -- you've gone through a 
fair number of bogus arguments and a fair amount of refuted evidence without 
actually arguing properly much of the time.  :-P

> What options are
> there, given that's the case?
>Ignore it and have discussions elsewhere?
Apparently this has already been done...

> But doesn't that just make it less likely that the project will
> communicate well, and that there'll be more such threads later rendering
> this list and others even less useful?
And that has been the result.  Indeed.

> Politely reply and do everything
> possible to make Nathanael happy?
Politely deal with the damn problems.

I have been voicing the complaints of others -- in some cases others who don't 
want to be "blacklisted" for complaining.  It is *so* not just me.  And we 
haven't asked for "everything possible", and we will certainly be content 
with far less than "everything possible".

> Won't that likewise just encourage more
> people to make similar complaints as they figure that's the only way to
> get anything done?
Already happened, hasn't that?

> The only response I can think of that has any hope
> of a good outcome is strongly opposing the existance of such threads,
Which you've done, but it's (a) hopeless, (b) creates more flames, (c) 
probably doesn't help any outcome, and (d) you're not doing it very 
> and recommending alternatives,
Yeah, but the only alternatives you've recommended are:
* shut up and do nothing (which of course has no effect)
* politely make polite requests (and the whole line of complaint is related to 
the fact that this often results in nothing being done)

Someone *else* suggested contacting the DPL directly, which is at least a 
reasonable alternative.

> which is what I've done.
Suggest a real alternative, and perhaps you'll get further.

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