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Request for co-maintainers/adopters

	It's with much regret that I'm gonna be looking for either
co-maintainers with slightly more time or possibly people will to adopt
some of my currently maintained packages. It seems my divorce is
turning really ugly as my ex basically wants to get off "debt free" and
have me pay for all the debts (even the ones before we were married) and
pay spousal support to her. So I'm gonna be short on time to devote to
Debian for some time until this matter is finally resolved and behind

	I know one or two of my packages already have co-maintainers and I
thank them for helping out. I hate leaving the packages I hang without
being maintained properly but unfortunatly this matter has to take a bit
of priority over Debian. It's because of that reason I'm asking for
anyone that might be interested to contact me privately.


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