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Re: virus scanning

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 01:57:12PM +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
> > Hey, I know all about it. Even when people don't do it entirely wrongly,
> > they can still screw up. Various yahoo.tld mail servers don't reject
> > invalid recipients at RCPT stage but at DATA. (I highly doubt that they
> > actually take the spam data and analyze it, but it must be more fun to get
> > all that extra traffic, and screw up people's Exim callouts at the same
> > time.)
> Unless you're doing call-outs then rejecting at the DATA stage is OK.

I am doing callouts, but they'd still be getting stuck in my queues even
if I wasn't. They'd be getting stuck with all the other stuff that callouts
avoid, though.

> > > If so why not just have a SMTP proxy on the MX secondary which passes all
> > > data through to the primary if it's available, and sends it locally for
> > > queuing otherwise?
> >
> > Ahm. That's basically what a secondary MX usually does, you know. :)
> No.  Secondary MX's usually receive the mail, queue it, and then send it
> on if possible.  They don't just open a TCP connection to the primary and
> pipe the data through unchanged.

There's not much negative difference (a small delay, a small resource usage),
and the advantage of not bothering the primary MX is lost, so I don't see
much reason to prefer that.

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